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East Side Beginner Trail in Lake Leatherwood Park

– The Lake Leatherwood Sports Fields are extremely popular with all age groups, during all times of year, and for many different sports. The East Side Beginner Trail will add a half mile trail to the east of the Sports Fields and above the concession stand/bathroom facility. This new single track path will have easy grades and a close proximity to the parking lot for safety and ease of use. It will be built by the Carroll County chapter of the Ozark Off Road Cyclists but a short section will need some machine shaping and a small bridge.
Estimated Cost: $7,000. Project Status: $0 Funded. $50 builds: 10 feet of trail. Click here to help fund this trail!

Survey and Legal Easement for Riley Trail

– Riley Trail leads from Clear Spring School to Pivot Rock Road. This 1/3 mile path gives Pivot Rock residents access to the school, Harmon Park, and down town Eureka Springs. It is also a trail used by hikers and bikers coming or going to Lake Leatherwood Park. The permission to build this trail was graciously given by a private party who continues to allow access. This existing trail needs to be surveyed and legal work done to insure future access. Estimated Cost: $4,000.   Project Status: $0 Funded.   $50 builds: 22 feet of trail. Click here to help keep this trail open!

West Bluff Trail in Black Bass Lake City Park

– Black Bass Lake is a beautiful park that is extremely close to every-day Eureka Springs life. The West Bluff trail would add approximately 1.1 mile of single track path to the park. The new trail will be flanked by bluffs on one side and views of the lake on the other. This will mirror the east side of the park and will be a continuation of the second tier of trails. Estimated Cost: $68,000.   Project Status: $0 Funded.   $50 builds: 4 feet of trail. Click here to help fund this trail!

Harmon Park to Clear Spring School Trail

– The quarter mile route between a school and one of the City’s largest parks should be easy for children and adults to navigate. Currently no trail or sidewalk exists between Harmon Park and Clear Spring School which forces people to walk on the street. This planned trail would provide the needed access as well as improving drainage and soil retention during heavy rains. Estimated Cost: $80,000 Project Status: $64,000 Funded, $16,000 Needed. $50 builds: One foot of paved trail. Click here to help fund this trail!

Improved Trail Signage in Lake Leatherwood Park

– Lake Leatherwood’s trails are marked but there is much room for improvement. Trailheads and trail routes should be obvious so that visitors can easily navigate. A trail user should be able to easily locate their position for navigation and emergency purposes. This project will include a comprehensive study of current trail markers, signs, and trail blazes, followed by a cohesive plan for all park signage, and finally new trail sign and marker installation! Estimated Cost: $3000 Project Status: 100% FUNDED! Click here to help fund new trail signs!